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What is video about?: This is only my 2nd private show on Streamate in 5 years, and just like my previous Streamate session, this girl was recommended by a fellow CW member. As soon as I enter her room, I\m immediately charmed by how pretty she is. Such a pretty face! I start talking to her in chat, and I tell her about my mouth fetish and describe in detail what I\d like to see in private. She agrees to everything, which I\m actually quite surprised about, because pretty, girl-next-door girls have a tendency to be a little too reserved in private, but I quickly take a look at the \Member Comments\ section on her profile, and I see a number of people saying things like "good private" and "did all i asked", so I decide to go for it. After only a couple of formalities in the beginning, she immediately goes topless at 0:26, and I\m very pleased with what I see... they are lovely breasts on their own, but when coupled with such a pretty face, it makes them look 100 times better!!! She starts playing with them at 0:37 by licking her finger and then rubbing her nipples with it... and I tell her it looks amazing. And then at 1:18 she spits on her tits, which surprises me because I didn\t mention anything about spitting on them before the private started, but I\m absolutely loving her improvisation!! And her spitting technique is perfect, letting the saliva fall from her lips instead of forcefully projecting it. In fact, everything she\s doing is perfect... the way she\s playing with her tits... the way she\s spitting on them... the way she\s licking her lips... and the way she looks into the camera occasionally... mmmmmmm. This is going to be a short private!!! At 3:11 I ask her if she likes sperm (and to be honest with me), a question I often like to ask girls when I\m getting close. By the way, there isn\t a wrong answer to that question... if she says "yes", that\s great because I love girls who love the taste of cum and who aren\t disgusted by it... but even if she says "no", that\s still good too because it turns me on knowing that I might be able to give them a good experience (albeit, a virtual one) and maybe make them a little more receptive to taking a load in the mouth in the future. But she tells me in chat that she loves it... and not only that she loves it, but she also tells me that she *always* swallows in real life when she\s "sucking dick"... mmmmmm, good girl. Reading those words immediately makes me imagine her sucking dick in real life, and everything she does from this moment looks twice as good because I know that she\s a dirty little girl. More amazing boob play follows, and I tell her that I\m already dripping a little pre-cum from the tip of my cock. She replies at 4:26 by telling me that she can\t wait for me to "fill her mouth up with my cum"... O... M... G!!!! That\s all I need to hear to send me over the edge, so at 5:22 I say something like "I\m going to give you what you want very soon... keep playing with your tits, and I\ll tell you when I\m ready for your mouth, ok?", and she replies by nodding her head at 5:29. I also tell her at 5:41 that when she brings her eyes and mouth close to the camera, to stay close to the camera until I say otherwise. It was a poorly-worded sentence in hindsight, and she struggles a bit with the translation, but she proceeds with the boob play, and I can only assume that she understood. And the boob play that follows is spectacular... she really turns it up a notch at 6:09 by making these sexy \hurts-so-good\ faces, and making \hi-hat\ noises (where she breathes in through her mouth, making a noise that sounds like a hi-hat cymbal), and looking into the camera almost constantly... and it looks and sounds soooooo fucking sexy. I tell her I\m cumming at 6:43, so she brings her face close to the camera, opens her mouth, sticks out her tongue and starts playing with it with her finger, and I "fill her mouth up with my cum", just like she wanted. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. At 7:40, she shows me her tongue and it\s covered in saliva, so I say "mmm yes, show me my cum on your tongue, I love it so much" and she starts to show me at 7:56... but then... she has a \light bulb\ moment and tells me to wait for a minute... oh no!! I know *exactly* what she\s going to do... she\s going to go and get some yogurt or some other sperm-like substance, which I absolutely HATE (saliva looks soooo much better), so I immediately try to stop her by typing "NO NO NO" over and over again, but... it\s too late... she\s already off-screen... but I keep typing "NO NO NO" and "ONLY SALIVA" over and over again. When she gets back, she already has some yogurt in her mouth and starts to show me... and then at 8:14 she reads her screen and almost has a heart-attack!!! :) She immediately spits out the yogurt into her hand and proceeds to use saliva instead. Now... I have to say... I\m *extremely* impressed with how quickly she recovers... I mean... wow... just, wow. I sense a bit of awkwardness though, so in order to break the ice, I make a joke about it in chat and tell her not to worry about it, and we both have a good laugh about it while she carries on showing me my cum on her tongue. Such a good, obedient girl. But now it\s time for the grand finale... the moment that all other moments have been building towards... the swallow. So at 8:50, I give her very specific instructions... I say "now swallow it... look up to the sky, and swallow all of my cum so i can see it go down your throat" ... but the auto-translate feature didn\t do a good job apparently, because all she does is look up to the sky and hold her tongue out. Damn!! I need to think fast!! I have to presume that it was the word "swallow" that it struggled with, so I re-phrase it and make it more concise by saying "now drink it" at 9:11... and she swallows immediately after. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM. She apologizes for the yogurt and starts talking to me, and her voice sounds soooo sweet. She tells me how much she enjoyed it, that she loved being told what to do, and that she would like to play with her pussy next time because I made her very horny. What an amazing show with an equally amazing girl. I\ll definitely be seeing her again in the very near future. [NONStopNONStop]
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